Samskaras 1991 The Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland.

We must ask ourselves whether the meditative experience on which these drawings are based is in a real sense, transformative. If so, this art has ethical as well as personal meaning.

John Hutchinson (Director (Douglas Hyde Gallery,Trinity College Dublin)
Samskaras Catalogue

In so far as it forces consideration of these inner states and the possibility of their representation it manages to invigorate the entire first premise of abstractionism – that the inexpressable might yet, somehow, be capable of being instantaneously and in a crucial if paradoxical way, non-materially communicated. An exciting show

-In Dublin Magazine

An interesting step in the further development of an obviously gifted young artist.
-Desmond MacCarock. – Irish Times.

….in terms of his own development and that of Irish ‘abstract’ art in general, I have a hunch that this exhibition could turn out to be a significant exhibition.
-Sunday Independent.