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    The most important thing about portrait photography is composition. It should be said that the cornerstone of all photographic photos lies in the composition, whether it is close-up, distant view or half-length, as long as it can successfully capture the perfect posture and spirit that the photographer wants to capture. In addition, composition is also an important part of the photographer's skills and aesthetics. Even the best light and models are attached to the composition, and the composition is ruined.
    Clear and strong thematicity, the work is closely linked to the ring light for sale audience
    I want to take pictures that are full of emotions. Of course, I don’t have to take a camera and take two or three faces to make a difference. If the photo loses the story behind it, it will eventually fall to a record life everywhere. It doesn't mean that you have to be a masterpiece under the grand theme. The meanings of those photos that can be named for a thousand history are often simple. The key point is how to clearly integrate the emotions and spirits of the parties. Among them, it became an enviable artistic creation.


    In contrast, portrait photography emphasizes art and creativity. Photographers use their own beauty and use "people" as the basis to express their own stories and ideas behind them. They are so vivid, amazing and even crazy. The essence of photography.
    Three characteristics, making a unique portrait photo
    Light determines everything
    Regardless of the type of photography, light is the key to determining the quality of the photo. Make the most appropriate change with the location, match the artificial light or the UBeesize rest of the light source, too strong or soft light. It may cause the model to be blurred. Many of today's works also use traditional black and white photography, highlighting the importance of light and shadow, perfectly contouring the delicate outline of the model.
    The most basic and most difficult composition

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    What is the subject referring to? Let's take the example of Osamu Yokonami, the master of air imagery. The series "1000 Children" is famous for the girls' necks with fruits. Through the "same movements, different people" to highlight the interpersonal relationship. The difference in personality, the perfect combination of business and art, captures the purest side of the girls, the look of life, the air-like atmosphere, the strong theme is even more unforgettable.
    As Ansel Easton Adams, a well-known American photographer, said: “Photography is a medium of thought transcending material, it is the art of creation.” Through the lens of the photographer’s hand, it’s breathtakingly captured. The most profound emotion in the eye, grasping the fleeting moment, is the most mini tripod for iphone common and close-to-life expression, moving the beauty seen in the photographer's eyes to an image to photograph the most beautiful human beings. Picture.

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    6. Guide line composition
    The guide line composition is mainly to shoot on lines or some buildings with extensions. Put the Hpusn LED Selfie Ring Light characters under the corresponding lines to show that the characters and the lines have a mutual effect, thereby increasing the overall scene depth and perspective of the photo, making the scene more realistic And there is a three-dimensional effect.
    More commonly used composition methods in portrait shooting
    7. Partial composition
    Partial composition is Hpusn LED Selfie Ring Light mainly used to shoot close-ups of people. Shooting a certain close-up position of people's eyes, mouth, etc., plays a finishing touch in the whole group of photos, making the picture more vivid and making the whole group of photos not so single and present Create a more "high-end" picture effect.
    More commonly used composition methods in portrait shooting

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    4. Triangular composition
    Triangular composition is a typical composition method in portrait photography. It is divided into regular triangle, inverted triangle and oblique triangle. When shooting, the body or action posture of the Product Photography Lighting subject is used to combine to form a triangle. This composition has a strong sense of stability. In addition to the upward impact, the face of the character is usually located at the top of the triangle as the visual center, and is the most common composition method for portraits.
    More commonly used composition methods in portrait shooting
    5. Leave blank composition
    Blank composition is to leave a certain blank space for the picture when composing the picture. In fact, this blank space is not a blank in the actual sense. It is usually a large area of ??the same color scenery in the Product Photography Lighting environment, such as the sky, sea, mountain peaks, grassland, land, etc. White can make the picture more comfortable, natural and vivid.
    More commonly used composition methods in portrait shooting

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    2. Diagonal composition
    Diagonal composition is a composition method that emphasizes directionality. It can not only give people a sense of strength and direction in the Portable Photography Light Kit picture, but also enhance the subject’s own momentum and the overall impact of the picture. It is using diagonal lines. In the process of composition, we can directly express it in the picture through the form of the subject itself.
    More commonly used composition methods in portrait shooting
    3. Composition of Jiugongge
    The composition of Jiugongge is actually a simplified version of the "golden section", also known as the rule of thirds composition. We can often see it in the Portable Photography Light Kit camera's built-in reference line. The composition of the rule of thirds can be divided into horizontal thirds and vertical thirds. Kind of, when shooting portraits, the screen is divided into three equally horizontally and vertically, and the main body of the character can be placed on each dividing line, and the character is placed on one of the four intersection points, which is more vivid Highlight the main character.
    More commonly used composition methods in portrait shooting

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    8. Frame composition
    The frame composition is mainly the composition method of wrapping the subject with the frame structure of the scene in the Strobe Light Photography Kit picture. The frame composition method has a strong visual guidance effect. This can be used to highlight the subject to be expressed in the picture. This composition method is great Partly suitable for shooting location.
    More commonly used composition methods in portrait shooting
    9. Mirror composition
    Mirror composition is understood from the literal meaning, that is, to find a mirror to take pictures of people in the mirror. However,Strobe Light Photography Kit in a group of photos, you can take two or three pictures. It is not recommended to take too many pictures. It is mainly used as a starting point.

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    1. Determine the shutter speed
    When shooting playground equipment, a still image is far less attractive than a photo with a “motion blur” effect.
    If you use a too high shutter speed, the action in the Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit scene will be "frozen"-this may allow you to shoot a "clear scene/people", but for the theme of the playground itself, it is not necessarily a good thing.
    Four creative techniques for shooting playgrounds
    And if you extend the exposure time to half a second, one second or even several seconds, your work will be full of movement-although the scenery/people may be unclear,Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit the performance of the subject seems to be better.
    Four creative techniques for shooting playgrounds
    You can also try to use longer exposures to create more interesting special effects-for example, take a Ferris wheel into a light painting work." Of course, if you need to use such a long exposure time, please put the camera on On a tripod (or find a stable platform to place it) to ensure that the entire picture does not appear "hand shake blur" or out of focus due to changes in distance.

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    2. Find a "unique" perspective
    In addition to some "regular" photos, you can also take some not so "popular", but in other words,Geekoto GT200 Flash Speedlite Kit
    the "freshness" brought to people will be taken with a stronger angle/method to bring to your portfolio Some creativity.
    Here are some "unique" angles worth trying:
    The foreground is blocked. Use other buildings/people as the foreground and stand in front of the subject. The foreground can be blurred, and it can also be used to provide atmosphere or scene information (for example, people in Christmas costumes).
    Shoot upwards. For example, stand under the foot of a ferris wheel and shoot upwards, or shoot upwards from the bottom of the Geekoto GT200 Flash Speedlite Kit "big pendulum."
    Four creative techniques for shooting playgrounds
    Try to use guide lines. With roads and railings as the foreground, the facilities to be photographed are placed at the end of the road.
    Bokeh. The large aperture defocuss all the scenery into abstract works. However, the subject you choose must be a scene that "can still be roughly seen after bokeh."
    Four creative techniques for shooting playgrounds

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