Love Thing: Claremorris Gallery, Co. Mayo. July 2008,
The scope of Chris Doris’ art reflects the pluralism of the contemporary cultural environment: from the cool contemporary minimalism of monochrome steel panels; through paintings both expressive and meditative, in turn reflecting issues of social conscience and spiritual practice; by way of the reflexive, wry, postmodernist juxtapositions represented in caption-bearing mixed-media works; out of public actions such as the Biblically-proportioned 40 Days and 40 Nights; and in interventions accessible via “remote attention”… Provocative, frustrating, intuitive, didactic, spiritual, visceral, compassionate, ascetic… these are all descriptions that might be appositely applied to Doris’ oeuvre. The contradictory nature of some of those adjectives reflects the breadth and open-endedness of his artistic practice. What remains constant is the rigour of his enquiry.

Ian Wieczorek
Artist and Arts Commentator