Icons and Monoprints 1989 -works in one wing of the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, (Now the Irsih Museum of Modern Art)

The force of his paintings and monoprints comes from their being poised perfectly between conflicting forces: order and disorder, content and gesture, objectivity and subjectivity, object and process, geometry and intuition. To say that is to say no more than could be said of any real artist. What makes Chris Doris’ work particular and powerfully distinctive is that he fashions these forces into a view of the world, connects the physical tensions of painting to the under tensions of our chaotic planet.

- Finton O'Toole (Irish Times).

He fills the corridor and rooms of one wing of the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham without any problem – and without any dilution of a quite extraordinary impact ….. a show of real presence and intensity.

-Aiden Dunne. The Sunday Tribune.

... a considerable totally painterly talent expressing itself always with very considerable power.

-Desmond MacCavock. The Irish Times.

There is a strange barbaric simplicity in these forms that impress them with the most powerful emotions. This exhibition is a very gripping experience.

-Irish Independent.