An installation of Brush & Ink Drawings, Composite Steel Paintings & Text

To be officially opened by
Fr. Enda McDonagh
(Emeritus Professor of Theology, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth)

Saturday 10th May 4pm

Castlelacken Studio, Carrowmore-Lacken, Killala, Co.Mayo, Ireland
For directions:
phone: 087 2566178

Exhibition runs until 24th May
10am - 5pm Monday - Saturday


If you bring forth that which is within you,
then that which is within you will be your salvation.
If you do not bring forth that which is within you,
then that which is within you will destroy you.
Gnostic Gospels

In Connectivity black and white ink and brush drawings are accompanied by interchangeable factual titles of dubious provenance. Together with large scale serial steel paintings they conflate phenomenal aspects of trauma and transformation in human consciousness.

In many spiritual practices the systematic dismantling of a time-based, incessantly narrating and conditioned self accompanies a shift in awareness to a self which is subtle, indeterminate and inherently related.

In human trauma the boundaries of the self also dissolve as compromised processing systems are flooded with incoming data. Dissociation and the blitzing of a coherent, integrated sense of self by this disorganised incoming information commonly occurs.

The spiritual work of meditation has been described as “one damn insult after another.” The heart opens and lightens under detached and compassionate observation and in the process all the beauty and horror of the world is seen there. As the heart becomes transparent, relatedness becomes visible.

Trauma is a physiological and psychological response to horror and if unintegrated, perpetuates its own horrors. Its resolution, however, can generate the sweetest and most empathetic strains of human compassion and insight.

Chris Doris ‘08